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Title: Blind Unicorn
Artist: OLIVIA
With: 211 plays

You make things worse

When you babble on about staying positive

and being good

and keeping sane

and sleeping right

and removing my dirty nail polish

You don’t think I fucking know that?

Title: Alone in our Castle
Artist: OLIVIA
With: 52 plays


Olivia - Alone in Our Castle

Alone in our castle,

Alone in everything we have,

I’ll never see your face, the way it is

In our castle…’

Title: A Little Pain
Artist: Olivia Inspi' Reira (Trapnest)
With: 965 plays


Olivia Lufkin♥


Olivia Lufkin♥


AU meme ll Henber ll Reality Show

“Do you think he’s cute?”

“He’s an idiot but yeah, I guess he is.”

a group of people who happen to speak english part 1

amber chooses bambam for wgm


Baekchen’s Story. (From 130628 Newsen Interview “EXO Relationship Talk. Are You Two Close? Those That Joined EXO Last: Chen, Baekhyun.” Or: “How SM Makes Kittenpups Sad With Split Promotions.” And: “Prologue to Clingy Co-dependence.”)