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I’m saying “excuse me” but I mean “why the fuck are u and ur friends fucking standing in the middle of the hallway blocking everyone what the fuck u fucker”

Héhéhéhéhéhhéhéhé True Story ;)

Taking away that elitism of: this is what rock and roll is, this is what cool is, and this is what music is, and it’s like, no. That’s all what bullshit is. When you have these rules, you know, that you’re supposed to play by to be cool? Fuck that. What’s honest, and what’s real, and what’s you, that’s what’s rock and roll. That’s what’s cool.

— Patrick Stump (via mayyyygan)


'One year later. How do we assess where we are?'

You only missed my voice
when nobody else called you.

— Y.Z, A ten word story on being a second choice (via classifiedclover)

studio ghibli - Food


Brazilian model Alexandre Cunha was paired with a three-year-old moptop to showcase Smalto’s matching child-sized and adult tuxedos. Unfortunately, while the pressure of performing didn’t faze the buff Brazilian, his partner broke down in tears as they were striding the catwalk:

Once, I was supposed to close a show with a 3-year-old kid and we both had matching outfits. During rehearsal, everything went as planned, but on the day of the show he started crying halfway down the runway, so in my head I thought, “What am I supposed to do?!” I ended up picking him up and I carried him to the end of the runway. This was funny only after the fact.

…so what does that make sehun and chanyeol? (¬‿¬)


"do your homework!"







homoerotic fanfiction

if you insist